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"Call Agents provide Mintronics with telephone support, routing our calls to their office during busy periods. Our telephones always get answered in the right way. Our customers like it, we love it and it has helped us build our business. We recommend…"
John Minto Managing Director Mintronics Ltd
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Employee Absence Hotline


Call Agents UK can provide an Employee Absence Hotline.


This way you can ensure that unexpected employee absences do not jeopardise your company or department’s productivity.

Instead of waiting until the start of the working day or shift to ring in sick, your employees simply ring a dedicated employee absence hotline.

At a predetermined time, we then send the HR department or nominated line managers a report detailing any absences.

This gives you the advance notice you need to bring in additional cover or rearrange rotas, as well as providing you with an accurate, company-wide record of absenteeism.

"So easy to rely on when I am away from the office, I have increased new customer numbers and upgraded my customer service for my existing clients, Fantastic!"
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