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"It would not make financial sense for us to employ a secretary fulltime to take calls but we are often too busy or unavailable to answer them ourselves. Since we started using Call Agents UK ltd we have picked up around 10-20% more business which I am…"
Alan Barnes Managing Director at Vertical Events
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Virtual Receptionist, Message Taking Service, Customer Service Helpdesk, Voice Data and Telephone System Services

How does call answering work?

You will divert your existing line to our special number. When a call comes through to Call agents UK, it triggers your company information to ‘pop’ onto the screen of your personal receptionist.

The call is then answered in your company name, your caller will remain completely unaware that the call is being answered anywhere other than at your office. We will follow the script as instructed by yourself and take any messages and forward on to you either by SMS, email or you can log on to your personal account via our website at a time that suits yourself.

How do I divert my calls to Call Agents UK?

You will need to contact your telecoms provider directly to register for a divert service and they will advise you how to set it up, this will only take minutes to do. When you wish to take calls yourself you can switch your divert off and then switch it back whenever you need to.

Do you charge for sales / nuisance calls?

To avoid charging you for any mistake calls, all calls less than five seconds in duration will be free of charge. If you instruct us to, Call Agents UK, will do our best to refuse sales calls that come through on your number. However, our systems cannot automatically distinguish genuine callers from nuisance callers.

Does the same receptionist answer my calls all the time?

Your call will be answered by one of our experienced, friendly receptionists who are highly trained to manage every type of call. You are welcome to come and meet your receptionists at our offices at any time.

How many accounts/numbers can I have?

You can have as many Call Agents UK accounts as you want.

What if I get more than one call at the same time?

Your callers will never hear an engaged tone. Call Agents UK can handle many calls at any one time due to our high caliber telephone systems and routing structure.

How do I pay my bills & where can I find my invoices?

Your invoice will be sent to your Call Agents UK personal account. You can pay on-line via PayPal or if preferred by standing order or BACS.

If I wish to discontinue the service, how do I cancel?

To cancel your Call Answering service, please give us 30 days notice by emailing us at Please refer to our terms & conditions for more information regarding notice periods and ´cancellation and termination´.

Should you require any further information call us on 0844 809 4935 or email us at

"Using Call Agents UK to field calls following a marketing campaign, my hit rate has increased dramatically and consequently so has my bottom line - very happy, would recommend them to any business."
AK, Stockton-on-Tees

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