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Call Agents UK
"Call Agents UK now handle all of my inbound calls and I regard them as a pinnacle part to the Graffiti PR team and recommend to my clients and contacts.Excellent feedback from my clients too!"
Sarah Rudd,Graffiti PR
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Virtual Receptionist, Message Taking Service, Customer Service Helpdesk, Voice Data and Telephone System Services


Call answering for your Business means you never miss a new business opportunity!

We answer your calls. It sounds simple, 

But we do it brilliantly.

What does one new customer mean to your business? More importantly what does one LOST customer mean to your business?


The main point of contact between you and your customers- new and existing- is the telephone. We can help you keep these lines of communication open and take new business enquiries whilst you run your business. 


Call Agents UK Call Answering services provides you with your own dedicated assistant, someone you will know and trust, who works just as if based in your office. Briefed by you on your business, your call agent’s receptionist handles your calls whenever you need – either all the time or just when your phone is engaged or unanswered.


Our Normal office hours are 8.30am until 6pm Mon to Fri & Saturday 9am-5pm. Out of office hours and 24 hour services are available upon request.


Using our telephone Answering services we answer your telephone calls in a professional, friendly and efficient manner.

Your receptionist will then forward the message by email, sms, or you can view your messages via our online portal 24/7. You will receive your message within minutes of your call being answered. If you wish your calls to be transferred through to you we can patch calls to a mobile or landline number at your request.   






 How does it work?


You will divert your existing line to our special number. When a call comes through to Call agents UK, it triggers your company information to ‘pop’ onto the screen of your personal receptionist.

The call is then answered in your company name, your caller will remain completely unaware that the call is being answered anywhere other than at your office. We will follow the script as instructed by yourself and take any messages and forward on to you either by SMS, email or you can log on to your personal account via our website at a time that suits yourself.































"I've used Call Agents for call handling for several months now and I really rate them. Sharon, Rachel and the team provide an excellent service - I know because everyone assumes they work in my office, which is exactly the impression I want to give!"
Claire Mitchell Founder at The Girls Mean Business & MD, StoryMaps Ltd

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