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Call Agents UK
"Call Agents UK now handle all of my inbound calls and I regard them as a pinnacle part to the Graffiti PR team and recommend to my clients and contacts.Excellent feedback from my clients too!"
Sarah Rudd,Graffiti PR
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Virtual Receptionist, Message Taking Service, Customer Service Helpdesk, Voice Data and Telephone System Services

 Property Sector


We specialise in providing services to the property sector which include; residential and commercial sales and lettings, estate agents and property maintenance companies.

We understand that a residential enquiry is different from a commercial enquiry and our experience enables us to handle both as you require.

We have packages to suit all service levels ranging from simple enquiries for over flow, through to detailed enquiries from your landlords, tenants and potential buyers.

New callers can be screened to ensure they are directed to the most appropriate team, whether that´s residential, commercial, buying or letting.

Our client´s are often required to meet their prospective buyers, tenants and landlords on-site which means staffing levels in their offices can change quite significantly. Maintaining cover for the phones at these times or when your staff are engaged on other calls, can be challenging, which is where Call Agents UK come in.


We start by allocating you one of our receptionists, she will be the person taking the majority of your calls and maintaining contact with you day to day via phone and email.

You then re-direct your calls to us when you either can´t, or don´t want to take your own calls or if your lines are engaged or go unanswered after 3 rings.


We answer in your company name and, based on your brief, we take a message (which is immediately dispatched via sms or email), and your caller is unaware that your phone has not been answered in your office.







Call us on 0844 8094935 to speak to a member of the team!


"So easy to rely on when I am away from the office, I have increased new customer numbers and upgraded my customer service for my existing clients, Fantastic!"
Upstairs Downstairs, Stokesley N. Yorks

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