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Call Agents UK
"Call Agents provide Mintronics with telephone support, routing our calls to their office during busy periods. Our telephones always get answered in the right way. Our customers like it, we love it and it has helped us build our business. We recommend…"
John Minto Managing Director Mintronics Ltd
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Virtual Receptionist, Message Taking Service, Customer Service Helpdesk, Voice Data and Telephone System Services





Switchboard Services



With our switchboard service, you get the benefits of a professional, efficient switchboard with none of the hassle or expense of hiring a receptionist to cover the switchboard.


Whether you use the service as an overflow for your existing switchboard, as an out-of-hours service, or as a full time remote switchboard, all calls are seamlessly diverted day or night

Your dedicated operators will answer in your company name, manage and allocate your calls, transferring them through to the right person in your organisation - whether in the UK or abroad just as your own switchboard operator would.

There´s no limit to the number of people within your organisation we can handle calls for.


We currently work with clients ranging from a 50-strong accountancy practice to an engineering company with over 2,500 employees.

Call us today on 0844 809 4935 for further information or email us at


Call Agents UK Limited is an innovative idea which adds value to any business whether that be homebased or corporate. The services which the team offer are diverse, seamless and business friendly. All in all a cost-effective, reliable and confidential…"
Deb McGargle Co-Founder and Director at Particular C & L Limited and Particular Online Limited

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