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"It would not make financial sense for us to employ a secretary fulltime to take calls but we are often too busy or unavailable to answer them ourselves. Since we started using Call Agents UK ltd we have picked up around 10-20% more business which I amů"
Alan Barnes Managing Director at Vertical Events
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24 Hour Emergency Call-Out


Our team will answer your response lines as and when you require;  

In today’s world, being accessible to your customers 24 hours is of key competitive advantage. Being open that little bit longer, or responding that little bit quicker when they need you, not only gives your company the edge over the competition, but also improves your level of service.

Who Could Benefit From 24 Hour Response?


24 hour response is of particular importance for companies that offer maintenance and repair facilities or emergency call-out services. Having staff available throughout the night is imperative, your customers might be stuck in a lift, have a medical emergency or be stranded without heat and water and so it is vital they can call to request their assistance 24/7/365.

You can use our 24 hour emergency call out service to ensure your support call is routed through to the correct engineer/ medic, maintenance team or specialist. Call Agents UK can help provide 24 Hour emergency Call out Lines without the associated hassle or expense of employing your own night staff or relying on your engineers or service staff to manage unreliable mobile phone rotas.

We will answer your specific calls exactly as your company would do internally. All our staff are trained to a high standard so they can deal effectively and sympathetically with the predicaments your customers find themselves in, from faulty boilers and leaking taps to violence and medical emergencies.

By following your instructions your calls are handled quickly and efficiently, following your exact instructions to obtain the relevant level of detail about the caller and their issue. After pre-qualifying your call we will call your nominated back up team / support rota and ensure the caller is routed through to the correct individual or department. We work quickly to resolve any urgent situation, either connecting the caller directly with your company representative on the phone or immediately arranging for a visit from you. 



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"Using Call Agents UK to field calls following a marketing campaign, my hit rate has increased dramatically and consequently so has my bottom line - very happy, would recommend them to any business."
AK, Stockton-on-Tees

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