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Call Agents UK
"Call Agents provide Mintronics with telephone support, routing our calls to their office during busy periods. Our telephones always get answered in the right way. Our customers like it, we love it and it has helped us build our business. We recommend…"
John Minto Managing Director Mintronics Ltd
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Call Centre Service



Wherever your company is based and whatever the nature of your business, one of our contact centres can help you with any number of telephone answering services.


Call Agents UK has a variety of our own friendly call centre services to suit all of your business needs in the UK. 


Although often called call centres, our centres are not filled with rows and rows of workers in the traditional "call centre" format. We are reluctant to use the term "call centre" because of this. In fact, at Call Agents UK we only hire fully experienced and qualified call operators and we pride ourselves on our personal service. We can guarantee that all of our staff are completely dedicated to answering your calls and managing your workload on a full time basis. We can guarantee service levels that enable us to answer 98.6%* of calls within ten seconds.


Call Recordings

Furthermore, we ensure all calls are recorded which highlights our integrity and trustworthiness, and at our call centres we can collate the call data we receive for your personal call analysis. This means you can review how many calls the call centre is receiving and how this compares to your sales, profit margins, client retention, and so on. The bespoke packages our call centres offer means that you also get the right service for you.

Our Technology

Every one of our call centres uses the most up to date and innovative technology to answer your business calls or to conduct other services such as telephone surveys, research surveys, order lines, customer help lines and booking lines.


Our in house team that work within our contact centre install and maintain the latest telecommunications technology to ensure that Call Agents UK remains one of the leading call centre operators working with businesses in the UK and Overseas.


The pioneering technology we use - means we can provide itemised billing and collate all your call data into a single spread sheet and deliver it to you however and whenever you want, enabling you to maintain regular and accurate call analysis.

Speak to us today about how we can help you on 0844 809 4935 or email us at

"It would not make financial sense for us to employ a secretary fulltime to take calls but we are often too busy or unavailable to answer them ourselves. Since we started using Call Agents UK ltd we have picked up around 10-20% more business which I am…"
Alan Barnes Managing Director at Vertical Events

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