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Call Agents UK
Call Agents UK Limited is an innovative idea which adds value to any business whether that be homebased or corporate. The services which the team offer are diverse, seamless and business friendly. All in all a cost-effective, reliable and confidential…"
Deb McGargle Co-Founder and Director at Particular C & L Limited and Particular Online Limited
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Virtual Receptionist, Message Taking Service, Customer Service Helpdesk, Voice Data and Telephone System Services


 24 Hour Response Lines

Dedicated phone lines manned around the clock by professional and personable virtual assistants. Be accessible 24 hours a day!

For some areas of business, being accessible 24 hours a day is of vital importance, you simply need to be responsive to your customers as and when they need you, regardless of the time.

Call Agents UK understands that this can often be difficult, particularly for smaller companies with few members of staff. Mobile phone rota´s can be unreliable and very few people are not at their professional best when woken up at 2am! Not only will customers become panicked and irritable when their urgent requests are not handled professionally (or worse, unanswered) they can also sometimes be left in dangerous situations.

Fully trained virtual receptionists answering your calls as though we are a part of your team..

Call Agents UK offers the ideal solution to this problem with 24 hour response lines. These dedicated phone lines are manned around the clock by professional and personable virtual receptionists

We can answer your telephone lines as though we are a member of your 24 hour response team.

Trained to be sympathetic and helpful in any situation, our operators can assist your callers with whatever situation they find themselves in, from burst pipes to roadside breakdowns.

We follow your pre-agreed escalation procedures we will identify whether the caller is making an emergency call and contact you accordingly. We will ensure that the right people in your business are contacted. They are given the callers whereabouts and information about the emergency so that they are able to assist quickly. We can even connect them directly to the caller.

The quick and professional way the call is handled leaves your customer reassured and happy that their urgent request is being dealt with instantly. If the call is not urgent, messages will be taken and emailed to you for follow up at your convenience, allowing you an undisturbed night’s sleep and time to focus on the real emergencies


"Call Agents provide Mintronics with telephone support, routing our calls to their office during busy periods. Our telephones always get answered in the right way. Our customers like it, we love it and it has helped us build our business. We recommend…"
John Minto Managing Director Mintronics Ltd

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