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Call Agents UK
"I've used Call Agents for call handling for several months now and I really rate them. Sharon, Rachel and the team provide an excellent service - I know because everyone assumes they work in my office, which is exactly the impression I want to give!…"
Claire Mitchell Founder at The Girls Mean Business & MD, StoryMaps Ltd
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Virtual Receptionist, Message Taking Service, Customer Service Helpdesk, Voice Data and Telephone System Services



Lone worker monitoring

The safety of your workforce has to be one of your top priorities and we can help you, with our extensive lone worker support systems. Call Agents UK can provide valuable protection and care.

From the moment your staff leaves home or the office.

We start with the call out, and follow them to the job, with regular contact.

This not only protects them, but ensures we can alert any additional resources faster if required. Any missed contact is immediately escalated in accordance with procedures agreed with you.

Not only do our procedures enhance you own health and safety support for your staff, but are a major positive factor in good staff relations.

For further information on Call Agents UK lone worker monitoring services please contact us on 0844 809 4935 or email


Call Agents UK Limited is an innovative idea which adds value to any business whether that be homebased or corporate. The services which the team offer are diverse, seamless and business friendly. All in all a cost-effective, reliable and confidential…"
Deb McGargle Co-Founder and Director at Particular C & L Limited and Particular Online Limited

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