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Call Agents UK
"Using Call Agents UK to field calls following a marketing campaign, my hit rate has increased dramatically and consequently so has my bottom line - very happy, would recommend them to any business."
AK, Stockton-on-Tees
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Virtual Receptionist, Message Taking Service, Customer Service Helpdesk, Voice Data and Telephone System Services

Claire Mitchell
Founder at The Girls Mean Business & MD, StoryMaps Ltd

I´ve used Call Agents for call handling for several months now and I really rate them. Sharon, and the team provide an excellent service - I know because everyone assumes they work in my office, which is exactly the impression I want to give! They allow me to provide a professional service to my clients by getting messages to me immediately; they also screen out sales calls so I don´t need to waste my time dealing with them. Most recently I needed help with an 0845 number and they provided lots of information and options, all for a really good price which was much cheaper than other companies I looked at. The main thing is that I have confidence in Call Agents to represent me and my business - that´s a really important job and they do it extremely well.

John Minto
Managing Director Mintronics Ltd

Call Agents provide Mintronics with telephone support, routing our calls to their office during busy periods. Our telephones always get answered in the right way. Our customers like it, we love it and it has helped us build our business. We recommend Call Agents -

Deb McGargle
Co-Founder and Director at Particular C & L Limited and Particular Online Limited

Call Agents UK Limited is an innovative idea which adds value to any business whether that be homebased or corporate. The services which the team offer are diverse, seamless and business friendly. All in all a cost-effective, reliable and confidential service which is a useful outsourced resource for any organisation. -

Christina Brion
Director Gorgeous Cottages

Gorgeous Cottages offer a handpicked collection of Luxury Yorkshire Holiday Cottages and self-catering accommodation… ‘We have been using Call Agents for several years now and they have become an invaluable part of our business. It’s essential for us to have our calls answered first time and it makes such a huge difference having the service Call Agents provide. Particularly as they can offer this service up until 9pm on week nights.’ -

"So easy to rely on when I am away from the office, I have increased new customer numbers and upgraded my customer service for my existing clients, Fantastic!"
Upstairs Downstairs, Stokesley N. Yorks

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