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Call Agents UK
Call Agents UK Limited is an innovative idea which adds value to any business whether that be homebased or corporate. The services which the team offer are diverse, seamless and business friendly. All in all a cost-effective, reliable and confidentialů"
Deb McGargle Co-Founder and Director at Particular C & L Limited and Particular Online Limited
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Virtual Receptionist, Message Taking Service, Customer Service Helpdesk, Voice Data and Telephone System Services




Tradesmen & Builders

Call Agents UK understands that when you are up a ladder, fixing burst pipes, erecting scaffolding or driving from job to job it can be difficult to stay on top of your phone calls.



Why Do Tradesmen & Builders use A Telephone Answering Service?

Many of you will not have a secretary who can inform you if your next customer has cancelled, if the time of your appointment has changed or if you have an urgent enquiry.

If you miss the calls and no messages are left, you could waste time travelling, miss appointments or worst of all, lose lucrative new business.

Even larger firms with a reception team in place can suffer from peaks in call traffic, particularly in poor weather or after an offer or advert appears in the press, which can cause call volumes to exceed capacity.

As we have been supporting tradesmen and construction firms since our establishment, we fully understand the predicaments you may have. Call Agents UK have developed a portfolio of services to suit all call answering requirements, large or small to help Tradesmen & Builders.

"It would not make financial sense for us to employ a secretary fulltime to take calls but we are often too busy or unavailable to answer them ourselves. Since we started using Call Agents UK ltd we have picked up around 10-20% more business which I amů"
Alan Barnes Managing Director at Vertical Events

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